Teach to Transform with Technology — Here are FIVE ways to teach online courses effectively!

It has been an eventful year that everything that gave our (past) normalcy a complete shake-down where we, as the world, had to re-calibrate how we navigate our lives — our hygiene practices, the way we interact with each other, socialize, as well as go on about our days, be it working or studying. In order to strive in this current predicament, we digitalized our lives and it is a lifestyle that is here to stay for some time. 


E-learning isn’t a new concept, but definitely the IT thing at the moment to enable schools, colleges, and even workplace, to operate. People are home a lot more than usual, and participations in online-learning platforms have peaked tremendously. As you know, we demonstrated the perks of an online learning platform here, so today we’ll look closely at what it takes to become a trainer/instructor of these online platforms. 



  • The Relevance of the Course.


Practicality is imperative when it comes to designing a course from a cloud library. What makes platforms like GoTraining stand out is that the courses are coupled with industry-centric anecdotes and knowledge of the faculty of trainers. The majority of GoTraining’s trainers are industry experts who appeal to participants who are looking to expand in a particular sector or reskill themselves to thrive in the job market. As trainers, communicate the why behind the learning and business goals associated with it. Next, tie learning to their current role rather than seeing it as a future goal. 



  • Creative Course Creation.


Content is everything today. One of the main keys to appeal to participants of an e-learning platform is how creative you design your course content. For example, trainers are required to create a course overview for participants to browse through. Upon signing up, lessons will start and this is where your “product” goes live. With editing and programming tools, there’s so much you can do when it comes to constructing your course content— be it motion graphic, screencast, and of course, on-site recording.



  • Prioritize Flexibility.


Supporting learners with their professional goals that are closely linked to the performance goals of a course and even beyond the course parameters is a win-win for the learners individually and as a class. How does one do this? Building in options and choices in assignments and special projects is a way to do this. Working professionals are often grappling with many issues – providing choices and options makes it possible to link the learning more directly with their work experiences and needs.



  • Promote Community Spirit and Support.


The shift from a conventional classroom to a virtual setting can be daunting; for both trainer and a course participant. One of the most effective ways to counter this is to inculcate a sense of community and support in the classroom. Trainers can take into consideration to use time in the classroom to focus on activities and knowledge transfer and encourage participants to use online team collaboration tools to create engage in general conversations and share resources and best practices. 



  • Advocate for a Culture of Continuous Learning.


Plan the ending of the course experience. A well-designed ending of a course provides opportunities for reflection and integration of useful knowledge. End-of-course experiences often include student presentations, summaries, and analyses. These reports and presentations provide insights into just what useful knowledge students are taking away from a course and a final opportunity for faculty to remind students of core concepts and fundamental principles. This could lead to an insight into the next course participants can sign up for, in order for them to continue on this journey.


With online learning platforms, you play the role of a real-life mentor and an educator. Your industry knowledge is of utmost value and sites like GoTraining recognize it as an opportunity for you to elevate your brand and shape a whole community of leaders who are set to take over the world next. You are already a pro, thus, let GoTraining launch you to a global audience.