About Us

Who we are

GoTraining started off as an idea to fill the gaps within the industries which lacked an overwhelming number of basic technical skill sets which is imperative in any level of operations. An idea which paved the way to a simplified training platform that surpasses limitations of a conventional classroom. GoTraining is a multifaceted knowledge-acquiring and knowledge-dispersing model that works with current times, and we pride ourselves as the most user-friendly and hybrid learning platform to date, offering industry-driven modules and trainers from leading companies. Our modules are accessible anytime, anywhere and it is open for everyone who wants to excel in their game.

Future Education

Industry 4.0 is a convergence of Operational Technology, Information Technology, Finance technology. There is a huge disparity between the graduate market and job market, particularly when fresh graduates are still lacking key tech-centric skills and knowledge to embrace the future with grit. In this era of technology convergence, a platform such as GoTraining is part of a new movement that revolutionizes mode of education by cutting the frills of the former, but with compelling results. GoTraining offers courses such as Data analytics, Cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence and the likes to future-proof learners to be on par with the current technological shift.

With our high-blended courses and seamless management structures in place, GoTraining DNA thrives on accessibility, expert-led, cost-friendly, and time-saving components.

This is the future education already in session— now.

Enabling Academy

Technology convergence enables the future. Here, we offer 3 components that will enable graduates to equip themselves with necessary knowledge for future employment and growth solutions.

GoTraining Upskilling

Short term programs designed to equip individuals with relevant knowledge that is on par with the industry-driven advances.

A graduate in Mathematics would greatly benefit from courses in the likes of Big Data analytics, A.I and Python-programing. GoTraining offers a range of short-term courses without the hassle of getting another full-fledged degree, by enabling users to gain competencies from industry experts in a flexible, online format that fits into your busy schedule.

GoTraining Reskilling

We also offer programs for individuals to reskill themselves to cater to future demand. This works for individuals who are already in the workforce over a long period of time, in need for a skill refresher to be a part of the movement, especially in the technical-centric industries. This is to overcome redundancies and drive innovation in your organisation

Corporate Training

Transforming your workforce will enable you to progress. Continuously improving your knowledge will enable you to achieve specific learning outcomes and arm yourself with digital skills to set you apart from the masses. We have a series of short and mid term programs that will enable you to achieve that with the most cost-efficient and career-focused curriculum