Excel in Industry 4.0 Courses, Exclusive on GoTraining

At GoTraining, there is something for everyone —aspiring educators, corporate companies, universities, governments and even you. There is a considerable need for a workforce that can create, manage, and maintain this new generation of technology.The employment gap is huge and just waiting to be filled. The only thing that’s needed for most workers is the training to develop the necessary skills. This is where GoTraining comes into play. So, what’s the deal with GoTraining?

GoTraining is a virtual learning platform that offers a plethora of functions that serves different types of clients. At the moment, GoTraining provides a platform for five different user verticals, who are: Professionals who are seeking to upskill, Teachers and trainers who can sign up as trainers to promote their courses, Business owners looking to reskill companies’ workforce, education institutions, which can use the platform to equip their student body with the right knowledge and opportunities, and local government agencies which can partner up with GoTraining to shape a knowledge-based economy.

For a platform that is shaped by these user verticals, GoTraining runs on a concise and simple approach that appeals to everyone. It is as easy as logging into the website, browsing it’s extensive cloud library, selecting (and bookmarking) courses you like, and making a payment that is operated via a seamless merchant site. This easy accessibility enables users to use this platform at their own convenience, whether it's their own living room or the nearest cafe. Each vertical has a different dashboard system that serves customized functions for different types of clients to achieve their desired output. For instance, a professional who signed up at GoTraining has accessibility to curate his own library from the cloud library as a bookmark for courses to join later on. As for a business owner, GoTraining provides an advanced tracking system on the user profile for owners to have personalized tabs to monitor employee activities and progress.

GoTraining is a platform for you to upskill, reskill, and launch yourself onto your next career milestone. We’ll be delving deeper in coming posts. Make sure you bookmark this site so you don’t miss out on all the cool tech-relevant content that is ready for you.