Online Learning: Expectation Vs Reality

GoTraining is here to transform you, your career trajectory, and your industry for good.


Life now, post-COVID lockdown and all,  it is safe to say we are now familiar with emerging phrases like “new normal”, “social distancing”, “self-quarantine” and so on. Online-learning is another popular phrase that we are well aware of now more than ever as it is literally the most effective mode of learning when the whole world is on shutdown. Online-learning has surpassed every level of age-group, academic-levels, and also broken barriers in tech that brought on to various platforms merging digitally to provide a seamless experience for users. 


Online-learning platforms typically operate on a similar model that is to offer the convenience of learning something new without being restricted to time and place. One can expect your home to be the best bet to set up as a working or study nook, however this is not ideal for a lot of people. When you sign up for a programming course as PowerBi offered here in GoTraining, you need a makeshift study to fully focus on your course, that isn’t a place of lounge. That being said, online-learning is extremely handy in times like this whereby we are unfortunately restricted from being social, and working from home is the safest measure. At platforms such as GoTraining, you can log in via your preferred device, at any time upon payment for the course, and complete it at your own pace. 


This brings to the next important factor that is the ability of one to map out one’s career even before entering the job market. Online-learning platforms these days are designed as a system disruptor, that breaks down limitations in industries to make the world run more efficiently. Now, an engineering student need not wait until graduation to acquire additional skill to better prepare for the looming job market. At GoTraining, there are options for students to join a course, without the need to go through a screening process for a specific course (unless stated as a prerequisite in the curriculum, but not necessary). This is excellent too for someone who’s looking to upskill himself or herself for better job opportunities. The main advantage of this feature is that you don’t waste any time.


Most online learning platforms just connect a teacher to a student in a virtual classroom and just like a real lecture, the relationship ends there. However, imagine when you get a real-life industry expert as your teacher, who demonstrates the ropes to thrive in their industry in no time? Coursera, Udemy alike, pride themselves on having course instructors who are also industry experts in varying subjects. GoTraining in particular boasts a faculty of technology experts, programming and software engineers as well as big data corporate leaders as course trainers. It is almost like having an in-built mentorship program for everyone who signs up with the courses in the cloud library. GoTraining is consistent and on-trend with all the up-and-coming technology courses which are aligned with Industry 4.0, thus, you know the faculty is bullet-proof too. 


These are some of the insights into what one can expect to sign up to a virtual learning platform, especially that is a niche to a certain industry. However, the end-game is the same in most cases— to fight against unemployment, battle brain drain, and retain and nurture new talents and leaders for the future.